Disposable Sanitary Products Manufacturer

XiangHe is an outstanding manufacturer of disposable sanitary products. We provide proprietary products as well as ODM and OEM services for our customers. Our major product lines include hygiene pads, baby diapers and disposable bed pads, wet wipes and other hygiene products. All of our production operations are carried out in clean environments to guarantee the hygiene of each product. In order to make this guarantee, we have established a laboratory to test products for cleanliness. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our high efficiency and high output production capabilities for sanitary products.


We have outstanding production capabilities and can produce a wide selection of disposable products that include hygiene pads, baby diapers, disposable underpads, nursing pads and wet wipes.

Custom Service
Xianghe has been focusing on the design and manufacture of hygiene absorbent products for 15 years. We provide hygiene pads with our own brands as well as ODM and OEM services for our customers. The disposable hygiene products can be customized with different top sheet materials, absorbency and szies, etc. As long as you offer us with samples or written requirements, Xianghe can design and manufacture products based on your needs. With a factory covering 37,000 square meters, whether you have a large or small order, we will provide you products on time.
Product Examples

Xianghe is an experienced disposable hygiene products manufacturer, offering various disposable products with fair price. Shown below are some types of hygiene pads we ever made.

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